Get Listed, Hired, and Paid
Over the next few weeks, we're introducing Bimpies to the Bay Area.
Bimpies, a new mobile app that lets you list your freelance or
professional services, passion, and hobbies so you can pick up new
gigs and clients - all on-demand and location based.

Setup Shop In Minutes
Offer any creative, or professional services using Pitches. You can have
as many as three active pitches at any given moment, yet create unlimited amount
of pitches to activate anytime.

Swipe On, Swipe Off
Simply swipe to let your audience know you're available on-demand.
When it's quitting time: you get the idea.

Get Going
Your pitches are visible when you're available! When someone has completed
payment for your services, you'll be notified and sent location information to

To Your Success
Our passion is to provide tools and resources to invigorate a new workforce.
We want to see everyone succeed in life.
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