Preparing the Next Generation of Entrepreneurship

Launch October 2016

Our Objective

The objective of the bimpies U program is to educate our valuable providers on facets of business and to inspire them to reach for more in life. We aim to provide tools, resources and inspiration. We are here to serve, and create more entrepreneurs in the market. By creating a education tract, we can create a better society for generations to come. Bimpies’ goal is to have 1M people go through our training curriculum to give them the edge in a competitive marketplace.

Program Outline

All bimpies can opt-in to a 15 courses that are offered throughout the year. Each course is 90 minutes long and located in various locations throughout the Bay Area. Each course is varied in discipline and materials and we will invite special speakers and experts to teach these courses. These courses are free of charge for our providers and open for general public.

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We’re looking for top notch partner drivers! Earn $500*!

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Happy Friday! Caterer: Jen Milton Catering, Berkeley

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We don’t do fast. We do right. Caterer: Limon Rotisserie

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Today’s lunch is brought to you by Ludwig’s German Table, served at AYASDI.

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