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Milpitas, California

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Service Professionals

Key Services:

Mobile-based platform for users to provide on-demand services to their customers


John Chang

Our Identity

Bimpies is an on-demand mobile app company that seeks to change the way consumers find service providers. We believe that everyone is born with a passion.

Our Vision

We believe in people’s talents and passion would be a significant contribution to society and individual community. In our world, everyone is unique and born for a purpose. We develop technologies and support services to enhance an individual’s small business, and also inspire individuals to create a service based business of their own, while creating a natural bridge in to the new on-demand economy.

Our Mission

We create a world-class organization that leads the on-demand industry with a servant attitude and culture. To us, it is a privilege to serve our end users and providers who we must incorporate in to our company’s decisions. They deserve to lead an abundant and prosperous life through their business endeavors. Therefore, we design, innovate, creative applications, and services that is only the clearest choice for individuals.

Our Bimpies

Bimpies are intelligent business minded individuals who understand that work plus passion equals success. They represent every industry and appreciate the freedom bimpies provides opportunity for unlimited.

Our Core Values

We hold each other and ourselves accountable from all levels in the company. Our employees, users, bimpies, shareholders will always receive the best end product.


We dare to change the world. We don’t believe in “me too.” Our employees, partners, and users are the best people to give us insights. These insights will be honored and rewarded by management.


If we aren’t the best, we change.


There is no such thing as one-man-team in our environment. All decisions can be examined and challenged by everyone.


We serve our communities by providing sponsorships and adequate funding for charities, programs and educational resources. We exercise the Golden Rule externally and internally.

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John Chang


(669) 264-7633



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