A brand new

ErrandRide service

that takes you around town for appointments or shopping, for as long as you need.

Open to Bay Area.

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Unlimited Stops.

We'll pick you up from home and take you to multiple locations as you need to do get things accomplished. Perfect for travelers, senior citizens, or business travelers who have multiple meetings.


Available On-Demand.

Bimpies ErrandRide is available on-demand and arrive in minutes. Fare is calculated based on number of stops and waiting time.


Not Just Plain Old Drivers.

Bimpies ErrandRide driver partners are professional, courteous, and compassionate. Sometimes you need more help than just someone behind a wheel. We’ll do our best to accommodate any reasonable requests.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our ErrandRide program brings a unique experience amongst other services in the market. If you're not satisfied with your booking experience, we will make sure to get it right.


Money Back Guarantee

In cases where you're not happy with the services provided, we will conduct a thorough investigation and will refund 100% of what you spent with us.


Trust and Safety

We vet and screen all partner drivers on our platform and conduct a thorough vehicle inspection. In addition, we interview every partner in-person for identity and authentication purposes.

You want to live an active lifestyle.

We want to solve the problem of getting there.

We are proud and humbled to serve the following medical organizations and their patients:

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