Bimpies is a worldwide technology and transportation company with a laser-sharp focus on providing extraordinary senior and elderly care through enabling technologies. Our mission is not only to deliver mobility solutions for today's aging population, but also provide completely customized services that goes beyond technology. We partner with medical organizations, physicians and agencies around the world. In doing so, our services become widely available and efficient for virtually any patient to access.

Our Team

Hannah Nguyen


     " On the side, I'm also a dance instructor, a makeup artist, and a hair stylist. I love doing those jobs. I understand the difficulty of being a local small business owner, that’s why I am determined to bring you a platform that can help you launch a business that allows you to do what you love and love what you do. "

Tony Chang


     " Technology is a means, not an end. It should be leveraged as a tool to help people achieve their goals. My passion is to match people with the right technology solutions to get to where they want to go. "

John Chang


     " I’m passionate about providing opportunities for anyone to get into business for themselves. I think we are all born to lead. Bimpies is the product of that driving force to help others realize their potential. I know we all have something great in us that will advance humanity.  "